Emil Yu, President

Welcome to our website of the Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association Limited (HKECA).  It is an honour for me to be elected and serve as the President to lead the HKECA 21st Term executives. 


My predecessors over the past 40 years had done a tremendous role in uniting the trade professionals and in strengthening the connections with all the stakeholders in the construction industries.   Externally, the growth of our organization over the past forty years was because the prosperity of our trade and the unity of Hong Kong people and government that lead Hong Kong to become one of the financial trade centre of the world.  Internally, the credit must go to the 1st Term president, late Mr. Lai Hing and its executive office at the time.  They have the foresight to secure a permanent property for the sustainable development of our association and managed the fundraising among members and purchased our association premise in February 1978.   We are very honoured this evening of having two of our 1st term officers, Life President Mr. Martin FONG Wang Hoo and Life President Mr. CHUI Seng Yew receiving their 40 years Long Service Award.


Another milestone of HKECA was the setting up of foundation in 1996 with the help of several life presidents and senior members to cultivate and attract more potential students to join our trade.  By 2016, our foundation had provided scholarships to more than 200 students.  As the median age of trade practitioners keeps rising, our work shall continue to outreach more potential students to join our trade as craftsmen and technicians.


The future success of our trade still lays with the prosperity of Hong Kong and the success of Hong Kong Government in implementing its policy.   Unfortunately, there are a strong sense of social entitlement in our society today; but we must remember, the prosperity does not fall from the sky.  As practitioners in our trade, you know better than I that every single dollar was earned with hard work.  Let’s join hands in harmony to promote a better spirit of good citizenship and build a better Hong Kong for our future generations.


Looking forward, our team shall continue to build up our relationships between members and encourage technical and knowledge sharing.  Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of our daily life and it means life and death of electrical contractors.  The start of our association was to build up the technical know-how by promoting engineering knowledge of best practices to the practitioners.   HKECA shall continue to strengthen our skills as well as network and to represent our stakeholders in reflecting our industries’ concerns and safeguard our rights.


Many meaningful works still lay head.  Our association’s success relies on the active participation of our members.   Together with stakeholders in our trade, we can build a better environment for our future generations and heighten our association to new frontier.



YU Chen On Emil


Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association Limited